Tracking Inventory with Zoho One

Inga Michaelsen
August 8, 2020
Our client’s inventory tracking system was inefficient. Zoho automation was the best solution for them.


Our client, a small family-owned manufacturer, sold their products online. The company needed an easy way to track and monitor how the team was doing. Metrics they wanted to measure included: 

  • Average turnaround time between order placement and shipping the item
  • Employee productivity: number of items produced per hour per employee
  • Returns based on SKU, including the reason for return and whether or not returned items could be re-sold.

The Challenge

Our client’s inventory tracking system was inefficient. The order processing required over 15 points of manual entries, and a lack of KPI’s hindered effective strategic planning. 


We set up Zoho Inventory and CRM for our clients. All information on product production, purchase orders and shipping was now tracked in Zoho Inventory and automatically updated across the platform. 

A dashboard was created that displayed several KPI’s including inventory projections per product, sales projection per product, and employee output per product over any period of time.


The company spent over one hour each day performing these simple tasks. That’s 20 hours a month of non-billable labour costs. After some simple automations of these repetitive tasks, we were able to reduce the daily workload to the same result in 2 minutes or less, freeing up time to employ their efforts elsewhere.

Additionally, this automation now enables the company to have a clearer understanding of its productivity and output. Equipped with accurate information, they can make better business decisions.

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