Case Study: Manufacturing Company Automation

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
Aether Automation worked with a manufacturing company specializing in cladding for buildings that was struggling to keep up with the demand for their products.

Aether Automation recently worked with a manufacturing company specializing in cladding for buildings that was struggling to keep up with the increased demand for their products. With 15 million in annual revenue, the company had outgrown their existing spreadsheets and needed an automated system that could help them manage their sales and fulfillment pipeline.

The Aether Automation team started by designing a custom Zoho Creator app to work as a work order system. which allowed the company to easily track orders from quoting, to billing, all the way through manufacturing and shipping. In addition, they integrated this new system with the end user’s existing Zoho CRM and Zoho Books systems. So that invoices could be automatically created and sent when the product was finished. This resulted in quicker turnaround times and improved accuracy of orders.

Aether Automation also integrated this Zoho Creator app into the clients Zoho CRM and Books. So that when a work order is marked as complete, or shipped, the clients accounting and sales team are notified. This allowed the client to have integrated communications between business units, so that everyone knows exactly where each order is. This also allowed the client to track their inventory when orders are placed from their customers, all the way until a work order is completed and shipped.

With these updates in place, the business saw remarkable improvements in its day-to-day operations that were quickly apparent. The automation of their processes meant fewer errors due to manual entry of data, improved communication between teams involved in various stages of production, and faster turnaround times from quote to cash. meaning customers received their orders sooner than ever before. In addition, they experienced improved visibility into their inventory levels at any given time thanks to real-time tracking enabled by Zoho One's comprehensive suite of apps.

What’s more impressive is that this new system didn’t take long to implement or require drastic changes on the part of staff - only minimal training was required for them to become comfortable working with it. This made it easy for employees to transition quickly and get back to what they do best: delivering top quality products while meeting customer needs efficiently and effectively.

Overall, Aether Automation's implementation of Zoho One proved invaluable for this manufacturing company by automating many aspects of their daily operations. As a result of streamlining these processes with modern technology solutions, they were able to improve both customer satisfaction rates as well as revenues - driving growth beyond what was anticipated without any additional overhead costs being incurred along the way!

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