Case Study: Digital Transformation

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
A CDAP advisor reached out to us looking for help with one of his clients. The client was a family owned business and was looking for a way to modernize.

In 2022, a CDAP advisor reached out to us looking for help with one of his clients. The client was a family owned and operated business. They were operating as if the year was 2003, as their marketing systems were using expensive software, their customer list was in a paper notebook, and their orders were in a spreadsheet. This was a problem because orders were regularly forgotten about until their customers called and asked about it. The company did not have an ecommerce website, so their customers could not order online. The family was looking for a way to modernize their business.

The CDAP advisor came to us looking for recommendations and pricing for what we would do to modernize the business. For us, it was a simple set of recommendations.

  1. Integrate their marketing channels into their sales systems. This can be as simple as lead scoring for email campaigns, to integrating social media comments into their CRM.
  2. Build an ecommerce website on a modern platform. This would allow their customers to place orders online, and would automate many of the tasks that their sales person is doing.
  3. Integrate their book keeping software into their sales software. This would allow them to track their inventory, and see what products are selling well.
  4. Build a quoting tool for their complex sales. This would allow their sales person to quickly generate quotes for their customers, and would automate the process of sending these quotes out.

The CDAP advisor was thinking about the same recommendations, but was concerned about the price of all these tools and implementations. We put together an estimate for the project, and found that it would be less than $20,000 for the implementation. The advisor was surprised at how affordable it was to modernize the business, and had us demo the software to his clients, to make sure this was the kind of thing they were looking for.

In just a few weeks, the CDAP advisor was informed that the client has been approved for their CDAP implementation loan, and we were brought on to start the project.

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