How to Format Date Time Org Variables in Zoho CRM

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
Are you trying to update a date time org variable in Zoho CRM, but keep getting errors? This video will show you how to fix this.

The video describes a method for updating the date and time variables in Zoho CRM using a function in the Zoho CRM platform. The function is called "updates org dates to later" and it takes the number of weeks into the future that the date should be updated as a parameter. The function then retrieves the org date time variable, processes the date to move it forward by the specified number of weeks, formats the date and time to a specific format, and finally updates the org variable in the CRM. The video also includes details on how to properly format the date and time variables, and tips on avoiding common mistakes when working with dates in the Zoho ecosystem.

Organization variables are an important part of the Zoho CRM ecosystem. With the help of the Updates Org Dates To Later function, users can easily format date and time variables to the correct format and update them in the CRM. The function sets a number of weeks into the future, gets the org date time, processes the date into the future, formats the date time, and finally updates the org variable. This makes it much easier to work with dates in the Zoho ecosystem and avoid problems with incorrect formats.

Keeping your Zoho CRM up to date is essential for businesses that have complex processes. Having an updated CRM means that you can quickly access and view the latest data, make decisions based on accurate information, and streamline your processes. Having an up-to-date CRM also ensures that your data is secure and that any changes or updates you make to your business processes are applied correctly. Updating your Zoho CRM regularly is the best way to ensure that your business processes stay efficient and secure.

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