Lead Approval System

Inga Michaelsen
August 8, 2020
A client reached out to us for looking for a system that will help them process the volume of leads they're dealing with.


Our client, an Affiliate Marketing Network in Los Angeles spends hours reviewing leads from its website and sending out contracts to qualified candidates. Current leads are manually reviewed to make sure all the information is on file. Each lead must be entered into their Zoho CRM, based on an email intake. If a lead is approved an employee will find the contract related to the lead's country of origin, prefill all of the information, upload the contract into Zoho Sign, send out the contract, then update the Zoho CRM.

Every morning, an employee would review the contract sent date for each of their leads that did not return a signed contract. If a contract was sent more than 4 days ago, the employee would type up an email letting the lead know the contract was no longer valid.

The Challenge

Leads are manually verified as qualified, then added to Zoho CRM. Contracts for each lead are filled out manually then checked for signature daily to ensure they have not become void. These repetitive and simple tasks take away precious time from prospecting and communicating with new potential leads.


Approval of Lead - We eliminated the manual data entry from an email. Now, with only a single point of interaction, an employee can approve a lead with one-click in their Zoho CRM. 

Contract Generation - Our automation finds the associated contract for the associated country, prefills it, then emails it to the lead. This process is instantly triggered when a lead is approved.

Contract Denial - Our system automatically sent out an email to all non-signed leads 4 days after a contract was sent, letting them know their application was denied.


It took our client over 4 hours each day performing these simple tasks. That’s 80 hours a month for employees on non-billable tasks. After some simple Automation we reduced the daily workload for the same result to 3 minutes or less, freeing up time to focus on lead generation and customer service.

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