How to Change the From Email in Zoho Deluge

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
Are you trying to change the "From" email address in a send mail function in Zoho CRM? In this video you'll learn how to fix this.

To change the "From" email address in Zoho Deluge:

  1. Go to "Settings" in Zoho CRM, then "Channels" and "Organization Emails".
  2. Enter the information for the desired email address.
  3. Confirm the email address by entering the code received in an email.
  4. If the email address still doesn't work, contact Zoho support to enable it on their back end.

Zoho Deluge is a powerful automation tool for businesses. It allows you to send out emails from a custom email address, and allows you to customize the email with a display name and other settings. The process to set up the from email address is simple, and just requires you to update the organization email, send it, copy paste the code, and then it should work. If it doesn't, you can always contact Zoho support to enable the email address on the back end. With this powerful automation tool, businesses can easily set up automated emails for any purpose, and make sure that emails are sent from their own custom email address.

In addition to setting up custom from emails, Zoho Deluge also allows you to create automated functions for various business tasks. Automated functions can be used to automate processes such as sending out emails, creating and sending out invoices, and much more. This automation tool makes it easy to automate any task within the business, making it easier to manage and save time. Zoho Deluge is a powerful automation tool that is sure to improve any businesses workflow.

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