How to use Workaround 5+ Lookup fields in Zoho CRM

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
Are you trying to use more than 5 Lookups in a Zoho CRM Module? In this video you'll learn how to have the Related Module callback to the original record

The video shows how to create a related list in Zoho CRM based on a custom field ID. The goal is to have more than five lookup fields on a record. The video demonstrates how to create a related list of all the records related to a single record. The process involves creating a custom related list, copying and modifying code from a previous video, using a "for each" loop to add a new row for each lead found, searching for accounts with the lead, and saving the results. The video concludes by showing the results of the related list, which includes two companies related to a lead.

Linking your data in Zoho CRM is an important step in creating a comprehensive, unified picture of your customer relationships and business operations. By linking data from multiple sources, you can gain a better understanding of customer behavior and performance, and create deeper insights into the customer experience. By linking data, you can ensure that all business units are working together and on the right thing, rather than working in silos and taking actions based on incomplete or outdated information. By understanding the customer journey, you can better serve their needs and create targeted strategies to drive customer engagement and loyalty. Linking data in Zoho CRM can help create a comprehensive view of your customers, allowing you to make better decisions and drive better performance.

Zoho CRM's lookup field limitation can be a bit of a challenge for some implementation requirements. The limitation restricts the number of records that can be added to the lookup field, and this can be a problem for users that need to store more data in the field. However, there is always a workaround for this limitation. For example, users can create a custom lookup field that stores the data in a related record and then link the related records to the lookup field. This will allow them to store more data in the lookup field without exceeding the limitation. Additionally, users can use the search functionality to quickly locate the required records, and then link them to the lookup field. This will help them to quickly access the necessary data without having to navigate through multiple records.

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