How to use Special Characters in Zoho CRM Deluge

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
Are you trying to use escape characters in Zoho CRM Deluge? In this video you'll learn how Zoho Deluge processes special characters and escape characters

This video explains how to process special characters in Zoho CRM Deluge. They demonstrate how to replace and find special characters, including escape characters and new lines. Andrew notes that Zoho CRM does not allow for the use of escape characters in all cases, but these can be enabled by contacting Zoho CRM support. They also mention that quotes always need to be escaped.

Zoho CRM is a powerful tool that can do almost anything you can imagine. It even allows you to use special characters, such as escape characters and quotes. For example, you can use these special characters for replace or find functions in Zoho Deluge. You can also use them when assigning variables and when getting a response from somewhere. If you need more advanced capabilities, such as the ability to identify next lines, you can contact Zoho CRM support and they will enable it for your account. With Zoho CRM, you can make your customer relationship management dreams a reality.

Special characters are requirements for text to be formatted properly, and Zoho CRM is no different. In Zoho CRM, special characters are used to separate data fields and to help identify various pieces of information. For example, when a user adds a new contact to their account, they may need to use special characters like a hyphen or an underscore to separate the first and last name of the contact. Special characters are also used in Zoho CRM to denote certain data types, such as email addresses. Without the use of the proper special characters, Zoho CRM would not be able to properly format data and information, resulting in a user’s account becoming disorganized and difficult to use.

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