How to Update Multi Select Picklists using Zoho Deluge

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
Are you trying to update a Multi Select Picklists field in Zoho CRM? In this video you'll see how to update these fields using Zoho Deluge

The video explains how to programmatically update multi-select picklist values in Zoho CRM using Deluge. The following steps are discussed:

  1. Create a multi-select picklist field in a record
  2. Create a standalone Deluge function to update the multi-select picklist field
  3. Get the record with the multi-select picklist field
  4. Get the values of the multi-select picklist field
  5. Store the multi-select picklist values as a list variable
  6. Use the Zoho CRM update record function to update the multi-select picklist field
  7. Add values to the multi-select picklist field by using the add method of the list variable
  8. Save and execute the Deluge function to update the multi-select picklist field in Zoho CRM.

Multi select lookups in Zoho CRM are a critical way to manage many-to-many relationships in your database. They allow you to store multiple values for a single field, which can be used to manage relationships such as customer preferences or product categories. In this example, we saw how to programmatically update a multi-select pick list value on a record in Zoho CRM. We used a deluge script to get the record with the related multi-select pick list, and then we used a map and list variable to update the pick list value. This allowed us to add new values to the list while also keeping the existing values. Multi-select lookups are a powerful tool that can help you to easily manage many-to-many relationships in your database.

Multi select picklists in Zoho CRM create a new module to link two records types together by allowing the user to select multiple options from a list of choices. For example, if a user wants to link two records types, Account and Contact, they can do so by selecting multiple options of the Account record type in the picklist field of the Contact record type. This linking module provides a simple and efficient way for users to connect two different record types in Zoho CRM, allowing for more insights into the data and relationships between them.

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