Update a Multi Select Lookup field with Deluge in Zoho CRM

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
Are you trying to update a Multi Select Lookup field in Zoho CRM, but are getting weird errors? In this video You'll learn how to fix this

To update a multi-select lookup field in Zoho CRM using Deluge, you need to create a new function. In this function, you will create a list of companies and then use a loop to create a new record for each company in the list. This new record will be created in a linking module, which is created by Zoho's backend specifically for multi-select lookups. To create this record, you will need to use the Zoho CRM record function and pass in the contact id and company id as the key-value pairs. The companies field should then be automatically updated with the new information. You also need to note that, when you create a multi-select lookup field, the naming gets changed and the field name becomes something like "companies owned" so you will have to refer the field by the new name in your code.

A many-to-many relationship in Zoho CRM is a relationship between two sets of entities such that each entity in one set can have multiple relationships with entities in the other set. For example, an account in Zoho CRM can have multiple contacts associated with it, and each of those contacts can have multiple accounts associated with them. This type of relationship is critical to database architecture because it allows for the efficient storage and retrieval of data that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to access. With many-to-many relationships, organizations can quickly and easily access the information they need to make the most informed decisions possible. Additionally, this type of relationship can improve the accuracy of reporting and analytics. By having a clear view of the relationships between data sets, businesses can better understand the correlations and connections between their data to make more informed decisions.

One of the major use cases of a many-to-many relationship in Zoho CRM is in the tracking of customer relationships. By utilizing this type of relationship, businesses can keep track of all of the contacts associated with a particular account, as well as all of the accounts associated with a particular contact. This allows businesses to easily identify the connections between customers and accounts, as well as the relationships between contacts. Additionally, many-to-many relationships can be used to track customer interactions and activity. This allows businesses to monitor how customers are using their services or products, providing valuable insight into customer behavior. Finally, many-to-many relationships can be used to establish relationships between different types of data, such as accounts and leads, or contacts and opportunities. This can be useful for businesses to gain a more comprehensive view of the data they are collecting and analyzing.

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