How to Make a Round Robin in Zoho CRM

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
Are you trying to assign leads to your Sales team based on the type of Lead? In this video I'll show you how to set up a Round Robin tool in Zoho CRM.

Andrew Simpson of Aether Automation shows how to automatically assign leads to a sales team using Zoho Deluge. He starts by going to the Users section in Zoho CRM and checking the "Types of Leads" field for each user. The goal is to split the lead assignment between two users based on the lead type (e.g. special or end user). He then creates a new workflow rule called "Assign Lead to Sales Person" that will automatically assign leads based on a set of rules. The rules will be established in a function that will be written in Deluge. The function will get the lead and the list of users that could be assigned the lead. It will then check how many leads each user has been assigned this month and assign the new lead to the user with the lowest number of leads. The function will use the Zoho CRM API to search for the number of leads assigned to each user.

A round robin program is a great way for businesses to assign leads to sales people in Zoho CRM. It allows businesses to assign leads based on a predetermined set of rules, helping to ensure that each sales person in the team gets a fair share of leads. This is especially useful when there are multiple sales people with the same lead type, such as special or end user leads. The round robin program allows businesses to assign leads quickly and easily, without having to manually check the number of leads each sales person has been assigned each month. Furthermore, the program can be easily tailored to the specific needs of the business, ensuring that each sales person is given the appropriate amount of leads. With the round robin program, businesses can ensure that their sales team is working efficiently and that everyone is receiving a fair amount of leads.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is an invaluable tool in any sales team. By having a CRM, sales teams can track leads, customer information, and sales progress in a single place. This helps sales teams stay organized and keep track of their progress. Additionally, with a CRM, sales teams can use a round robin tool to assign leads. This helps prevent leads from being called multiple times and reduces the potential for salespeople arguing about commission. It also helps sales teams track leads and customer information in a single place. Overall, using a CRM and a round robin tool can help create a more organized and efficient sales team.

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