Add a comment to a Ticket in Zoho Desk using Zoho Creator

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
Are you trying to add a comment to a ticket in Zoho Desk from a Zoho Creator form? I'll show you how to automate this when you submit a form in Zoho Creator

In this video, Andrew Simpson with Aether Automation shows how to create a comment in Zoho Desk whenever a form is submitted in Zoho Creator. He starts by creating a new function in Zoho Creator's workflow, then uses the Zoho Desk API to create a JSON object to create a ticket comment. He also shows how to use the org ID and content type from a previous video to make the API call. Finally, he demonstrates how to add the function to a form rule in Zoho Creator so that when a form is successfully submitted, it will update the corresponding ticket in Zoho Desk with a comment.

Using tickets in Zoho Desk can help you manage client questions and complaints quickly and effectively. Tickets are a great way to provide customers with an easy way to submit questions, comments, or complaints and to track their progress. Tickets can be assigned to specific team members and tracked so that the customer can follow up on their progress. Tickets can also be commented on and added to, which allows teams to quickly respond to customer conversations. Zoho Desk’s efficient ticketing system is an invaluable tool for effective customer service and support.

Businesses need to track how long they are spending on tickets, both for internal accounting purposes and to be able to invoice their customers accurately. Tracking the time spent on tickets helps businesses identify where they are spending their time, so they can manage their resources effectively and make sure their staff is working efficiently. Additionally, tracking the time spent on tickets allows businesses to accurately bill their customers for their services, ensuring that their invoices are accurate and that their customers are billed correctly. Tracking tickets in Zoho Desk is an essential part of running a successful business.

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